CCD Commander
Complete automatic imaging

Automatic Guide Star Exposure

CCD Commander can be configured to automatically find a guide star and automatically determine the ideal guide exposure given whatever imaging configuration you use.

Using the parameters you enter, CCD Commander will search the guider image for an appropriate star to guide on - ignoring stars that are too close to the edge or those that have another star near by.

CCD Commander will adjust the guide exposure for every Take Image action to achieve the guide star brightness you specify. Remember that brighter stars (with high signal-to-noise) will allow for higher precision centroid calculations. This then allows for higher precision guiding.

There is no need to guess at what guide exposures might work for each of your filters. CCD Commander will automatically determine what is necessary.

You also don't need to guess what coordinates the guide star will be at. CCD Commander automatically finds the guide star in the image.

Coupled with the instrument rotator, the automatic guide star acquisition makes guiding during multi-target imaging a simple task.

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