CCD Commander
Complete automatic imaging

Cloud Monitoring

CCD Commander coupled with a cloud sensor becomes an imaging machine - cranking out images, even when cloud cover or rain is on its way. Image every night there is at least one minor hole to look through!

When the Cloud Sensor is coupled to CCD Commander, the Cloud Monitor starts automatically in the background when you push the Start Action button. As soon as CCD Commander detects one of the non-clear conditions selected it will pause your Action List - parking the mount if desired. In addition you can select independantly the conditions under which CCD Commander should close your dome to protect your equipment.

After the skies clear for the specified period of time, CCD Commander will automatically open the dome (if it was closed), unpark the mount and bring it back to the original target (if it was parked) and resume the action list at the next action in the list!

This functionality is perfect for survey work and to prevent taking images of Earth-based clouds!

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