CCD Commander
Complete automatic imaging


CCD Commander produces two graphs during your imaging session.

The first is a graph of the autoguider errors during imaging:

Only the autoguider errors that exist during actual imaging are recorded in the graph.  All errors during autoguider setup and dithering are not recorded, so this graph is an accurate representation of the errors that were recorded in your images. This is a very useful tool for helping to evaluate if any of the images had bad guiding - simply take note of the time of a spike in the graph and find the image taken at the same time. You can then tag the bad image to prevent including it in your image stack!

The next graph shows the state of your cooler throughout the imaging session:

This is very useful to determine how your cooler performed during the night - especially if you are taking library darks and want to ensure the cooler power did not reach 100%. The camera temperature is not recorded during an Intelligent Cooler Action since the cooler state will be varying throughout that action.

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